Cryptocard started out as nothing more than my 2015 DECA written project. Essentially, Cryptocard is a debit card, but for Bitcoin. You can read more about it on Eventually, after working for hours on the 30 page written event, I decided that I liked the concept of Cryptocard enough to design a website for it. Although Cryptocard is merely a proposal, and not actually functional, but all of the website design and work was done legitimately by myself, Ellek Linton, along with the creation of the initial concept.




Cryptocard included the following tasks:


-Designing a website using Adobe Muse®


-Creating 100% of the graphics in either Adobe Photoshop® or Adobe Illustrator®


-Typing a 30 page conceptual product proposal for DECA Utah State Championships




*Cryptocard is not a real product, merely a concept/idea proposal.

© 2015-3015 Ellek Linton

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