Vida Tequila® Drink Mixer

In January of 2015, I met with representatives of Vida Tequila® to begin talks of designing a Vida Tequila® drink builder application. The application is built in the Swift programming language, for iOS devices. The Vida Tequila® drink builder allows the user (typically bar experts) to design and build a fully customizable cocktail, and then share that cocktail to the application database/network platform that I designed. Other users can then try and rate new drinks from within the app.




This application included the following tasks:


-Learning the Swift coding language, which was released in June of 2014


-Coding the entire back-end server side of the app using Parse® and Xcode


-Mapping out/planning architecture of the Parse® back-end, to keep th database organized


-Designing the user experience/interface


-Editing some of the graphics, to allow them to fit the mood of the app more consistent




*This application is currently in the beta phase, and will be ready for release hopefully by late Q1.

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